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Intellectual Equity Resort Consulting provides a wide array of services, a brief outline of available services are provided below, though alternative services are available or may be suggested by our team. Prior to providing a quote for your company, our relationship will begin with a needs assessment.

Contact us to learn more about how Intellectual Equity Resort Consulting can assist you in meeting your goals.

Consulting Services:

Start ups, Rebranding & Transitions:

We specialize in properties that are in a transitional state, be it a new property, acquisition, ownership change, beginning or ending a relationship with a franchise or just keeping up with the times. We are excited to assist you from vision to a working reality.

Hotel Operations & Finance:

  • Develop a realistic business plan, including revenue and expense budgets specific to your business
  • Assist in purchasing agreements and negotiating purchasing contractss
  • Improve processes to increase efficiency and guest service
  • Develop statistical reports based on data and guests feedback to understand trends, assist in forecasting and maximize revenue
  • Create standard operating procedures focusing on consistency in guest service, efficiency in operations and revenue maximization
  • Create a company manual: branded documentation for departments and train managers and front line employees on best practices here for more

Technology Implementation & Management:

  • Implementation and management of PMS, GDS, Phone, PBX, and all interfacing purchase, installations and/or upgrades
  • Maximization of your current systems
  • Create training programs and standard operating procedures for your systems
  • E-Commerce
  • Build or improve your website to best represent and sell your product and inspire loyalty, returning clients, and potential guests to become new business
  • Maximize your sales and representation through online booking channels, search results and social media sites
  • Manage and maintain your online reputation through the GDS and peer review sites here for more

Yielding & Revenue Management:

  • Create an understanding of your untapped resources
  • Work to create competitive rates, pricing and packaging
  • Establish guidelines for yielding and revenue management
  • Develop reporting tools to assist in making the right decisions for your company
  • Utilizing tools, programs and technology to maximize yield here for more

Sales, Marketing & Advertising:

  • Develop sales and marketing plans for all market segments
  • Implementation of sales and marketing tools, collateral and swag with consistent branding
  • Sales training to maximize revenue through cross selling, up selling and understanding of revenue management tools
  • Create standard operating procedures throughout organization the property to ensure the service provided equals or exceeds the marketing guarantee
  • Create comprehensive advertising plan and timeline, allowing for budget based use in all relevant media types
  • Conceptualize ads using your branding coupled with targeted messaging for best market placement
  • Special Event here for more

Food, Beverage & Conference Services:

  • Improvement of or development and implementation of a successful Room Service department
  • Develop a cost effective and efficient catering program with standard operating procedures to optimize guest service and revenue
  • Best practices for conference services, including guest service, room set-up and breakdown, purchasing and rental agreements
  • Menu and wine list consulting
  • Operational procedures for food & beverage outlets here for more

Compensation, Incentive, Recognition & Bonus Outlines:

  • Strategic, creative, and proven plans and ideas to retain and motivate employees with win/win results
  • Pay for performance and profit sharing summaries and short and long term performance enhancing incentives
  • Base salary and commissions tied to short-term goal attainment
  • Monetary incentives/bonuses tied to annual sales results
  • Clearly defined sales expectations and goals that are realistic but challenging
  • Tracking and accurately measuring performance against expectations
  • Contests and Prizes, "Spiffs", Friendly competition, Awards and Recognition, and other focused incentives
  • Achievement or Career recognition
  • Long-term equity type plans, particularly for Super Stars here for more

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